An ownership test or something along the lines of that. However, I think someone like an ownership test should be complusory for ALL dog owners. That might actually go about reducing the number of dogs in rescues; most of which are purchased on impluse without research. I have 3 american bulldogs and five children,these dogs are not dangerous they love my children and other pets!!

  • A more gentle, affectionate and caring dog you could not get!
  • I think people look at the dogs breed and just cross the road.
  • In reply to what J said..I disagree with you when you said ‘a dog can be replaced’, i agree with you saying ‘a child cannot be replaced’ but..
  • Since then we have had an increase in idiots using dogs as weapons.
  • They need to start looking at the owners and stop looking at the dogs and the breed.

It is prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, transmit or distribute the data contained in this website without the explicit prior written permission of Fusion Media and/or the data provider. All intellectual property rights are reserved by the providers and/or the exchange providing the data contained in this website. Fusion Mediawould like to remind you that the data contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. Very few people I’ve ever met who have them have them for any other reason than “Street respect”, for gambling or sheer intimidation. Anyone who says they have one for any other reason is almost certain to be lying. It just shows the bigger problem, people want to be intimidating and they dont care how they do it.

Most of the times it is down to the owner’s treatment and lack of training of these so called pets. Some poor dogs however are ill treated by their human companion and so they respond by dog violence, again not the animals fault. If they seem more aggressive it should be against the law for them to go our without being muzzled. Thank you Chris for your dog etiquette, however the majority of dog owners are obviously not as clued up as you and do not advise of this whilst walking their dog, unmuzzled, letting strangers touch their pets! Surprisingly, I’m not a dog lover ,however, I do believe that the owners are responsible for their dogs actions. I do believe some breeds of dogs get unecessary stick for being vicious but you have to agree that those dogs are normally ones that generally cause great injury if they do attack people.

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Never blame a dog for the actions of it’s brainless owner. DON’T FORGET IT’S THE ANIMAL WHO PAYS WITH IT’S LIFE. Every dog owner in England and Wales could be forced to insure their pet to guarantee compensation for people who are attacked. Andrew sounded like he owned a disabled chihuahua, not a dangerous dog. A cousin of mine was at her friends house – they always treated the dog well – but one day it locked its jaw around my cousin’s leg. Dogs should be banned from public places like beaches and parks at all times.

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Sometimes these owners dont know they are being irresponsible. All dogs need a firm owner, a dominant leader. If your not up to the task the dog will step into this role and thats where problems neice had to have plastic surgery because of a jack russel jumping up and biting her face. There have been confirmed reports of a highland terrier killing a baby.yes i am the owner of a DANGEROUS BREED a rottie. We live in Basildon and it is becoming more and more common to see ‘Staffs’ – these dogs are generally owned by people who want them for a status symbol and not because of the love of the dog. We don’t necessarily believe that it is the dog that is at fault but the attitude of the owners.

I cannot really let her play freely cuz I am concerned about the dogs and they look at you like what! The are dogs not fashion statements..dogs that lick themsleves…lol.. With certain natures…they can turn at anytime. They should should just have dog parks or something because its not fair on the childern.

Really and truly its not the dogs fault is it? It’s the owners and if the RSPCA say that they know of people or “young boys” having dangerous breeds or cross breeds then shouldn’t they act upon it instead of warning people about it. I say to get rid of the act, no-one is going to stop breeding illegal breeds no matter much the government fussess about it, its just not going to happen. She was the sweetest dog and was wonderful with my young son.

I think it is terrible that you have put pictures of staffies up on your website under the heading dangerous dogs. My staffie looks just like one you have pictured and certainly isn’t dangerous. She is the most gentle, friendly dog you will ever meet. Hiya loving the show as usual.I think if people wanna have them its up to them. But my thing is when I take my six year daughter to the park and the mans sorry boys as they act like that are in the park and its lots of them all wid dogs.

I think people should be sent to prison if thier dog attacks viciously. Of course the idiots will find another way get away with violence but at least they will think twice about making thier dogs vicious. I own a staffordshire bull terrier and people have a tendency to give us a wide birth when we’re out walking.

He is the soppiest daftest dog but also very loyal and protective of me. I’ve lost count of the number of times young idiots have asked me if I want to fight him with their dog and mostly these idiots can’t even control their dogs. Bring back dog licences so these fools can’t own dogs.


I’m a proud rottie owner – I’ve got one as a companion, and used to work my previous dog. It makes me sick to see dogs being prejudiced soley because certain breeds are easier to train to be agressive than others. My dog is victimised as a result of biased reporting, and this is one of the things that encourages the trophy hound amongst chav culture.

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I think the dog licence should be brought back, it should also be in the form of a chip under the skin. With the money received from licences an annual check for criminal records and welfare issues should be done. Education could also be given with the licence monies.Appoint the RSPCA as the governments official body for controlling dogs, using the licence monies to enable a reputable operation. This really comes down to the exploitation of the existing law which obviously needs further amendment.

Bearing in mind he was treated pretty badly previously when we brought him home he just wanted to be stroked, played with and most of all cuddled. 2 years on he hides behind me and my dad when some dogs bark at him and is scared of his own reflection. Any owner who would rather turn their dog into a monster than take care of him and share the unlimited affection these dogs have to give ought to be banned from owning any animal.

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However, staffy’s are generally soft little things, its just irresponsible owners not giving appropriate training and care that give these dogs bad press. I’ve seen plenty of young boys walking about with staffordshire bull terriers with leather studded collars, and its the likes of them that give these dogs a bad name. I know plenty of people who own well-mannered, sweet staffordshire bull terriers…surely this shows that with the right care that they are lovely dogs.

Ultimately no dogs are dangerous, the owners are and it is the owners that should be policed and kept in check. I live on a council estate with no access to green space and yet there are people who live on the top floors that own Pit bulls. These dogs need space, room, if you pen any animal in 24 hours a day it isn’t going to be a happy one. Now – I would say that someone who lives in a flat with no direct outlet to green space shouldn’t really be allowed to keep a dog.

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To them its playing, u can see their tails wagging. Some people just have closed minds and want rpx coin price prediction to believe things that r not true. Most of them just want something 2 complain about….


He’s a hit with children, eldery people etc and no one ever crosses the street when we’re walking him, they always pat him!! And by the way banning all potentially dangerous breeds is not the answer – no-one is taking my dog away from me. As agreed by 99% of the people on this thread, it’s the owner that makes the dog who he is, not the dog himself.Staffies have often been referred to as “Nanny dogs” for their ability to mind, be with and care for children. Barking, whining, defending and of course, biting. An agitated restless dog becomes overzealous.

An american bulldog will lay down its life for its owner without thinking twice. This is the trait that is manipulated by thugs. The rspca themselves say that there is no breed that is evil. Owners are responsible for the dogs personality. I am outraged that dogs are seized and killed just purely for thier breed. The ban doesnt work it just puts these dogs into the hands of criminals who obviously arent going to bring thier dogs up in the correct manner.

I feel sorry for the animals dragged into a life of violence put upon them by their owners. Every animal can be dangerous, the difference between them is the owner. My parents have a staffordshire bull terrier and he is the tamest and friendliest dog you’ll ever meet.

But it happens I myself have been bitten by a small dog. The problem is these types of breeds are very strong and are designed to do damage and therefore if they bite someone it will be bad. I think anyone who wants to own a dog should apply for a licence and this could be revoked at any time, we should also pay a small fee…. This might put the wrong type of person off and give the authorities more power to deal with animals being used in the wrong way. Its a real shame that people judge the breed rather than the dog itself.

The dog owners should be put down for using these sweet animals as status symbols instead of giving them the love they deserve. I can only reiterate what MOST of the above have said. A more gentle, affectionate and caring dog you could not get! I know many many other Rottie owners and every single one of them would say the same. Year on year the stats for dog bites also backs this up.

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