Holiday 1970 [DUPE] Nutrient Queen Scores a mad-Sierra Pub because of the I

William Berry and Robert Lochner pg.15 Magic off Walter-New york Ski Urban area of the Morten Lund pg.52 Spaced Across the Alps and you can Ages-Avoriaz because of the Del Mulkey pg.56 The Lower than-20’s and you may Where It is In the Styles by Pat Doran pg.68 Yes Virginia, There clearly was Skiing regarding Southern-Skiing Portion by the Claire Walter pg.116 Damaged Sides-Ski Terms and conditions by Gary Cavalli pg.130 Nonstop Race System-Burke Slope exercise program of the John Hitchcock pg.133 Snowboarding of the Guide(s)-Practise Methods because of the Janet Nelson pg.forty-five Reverse Jump Converts-Fortifying Tip pg.92 Gizmos: The latest Puzzle of your Primary Joining of the Jeffrey Garlick pg.60 Joining Installation by Janet Nelson pg.66 Billy Kidd’s Treasures regarding Edge Filing of the Billy Kidd and Barbara Wicks pg.74 Ski Clips pg.twenty-two Skiing Courses pg.32

January 1971 [DUPE] Let’s say It Gave Us Jean-Claude Killy Once more?

December 1970 [DUPE] Traveling Gets From It-all-Pictures pg.85 Diary from a keen Alpine Newbie from the Linda Wassermn pg.92 Log out-of an enthusiastic Alpine Professional of the Janet Nelson pg.94 A great Primer regarding Traveling Technique new york Lorns Olav Skjemstad Skiing Coach represent touring pg.96 The newest Wily Ways of Waxing-Touring Skis by the Barbara Wicks pg.99 Nearer My God in order to Skiing pg.fifty Papa Helps make the Cochrans Go-You Skiing Team by the Morten Lund hundred Five Charming Meals-Food from the Abby Kirsh pg.102 Delightful Items to own Day Travel-Cuisine by the Tap Doran pg.104 The fresh new Lange Cup-Pro Ski Racing and tv by I. 114 A single Look at Rent Aircraft of the Lee Fowler pg.147 A want to Contaminate the new Mountains getting Gain Morten Lund pg.190 Equipment: Presents to possess Skiers pg.78 In the event that you Purchase Lather?-Boots pg.116 The newest Falling Jet Turn by Georges Joubert-French way pg.107 Information: Ski Synchronous that have Strike pg.167 Dust Select-Me-Upwards pg.168 Sneak the guidelines pg.170 Ski Constant to deal with Price pg.176 Handlebar Snowplow pg.183 Steepen The Navigate pg.184 Traveler’s Sikh dating app Checks from the Abby Rand How-to Grumble pg.54 Steps to make a vacation Finances pg.57 Stratton:You Ski Best by the Janet Nelson-Traveling pg.110 One thing for everyone at Innsbruck by the Lee Fowler-Travelling pg.144 Loch Lomond-Travel pg.198 A growing North Celebrity because of the Nancy Greene pg.27 Starting Door-Investigation of Judy Nagel’s Later years by the Billy Kidd pg.thirty two Strong Dust-Photos pg.112

William Berry and you will Kenneth McKenna pg

because of the Morten Lund pg.66 The new High as well as the Lowest in the Tahoe Skiing and you will Playing from the I. William Berry pg.74 Learning Cold temperatures Driving because of the R. David Sheff pg.78 Wild Songs in the early Snow by Helen Russell pg.ninety-five A durable Option to the individuals Motel Miseries-Cold weather Hiking by the Linda Wasserman pg.120 Babies and you can Snowfall Against the Cold by Katherine and you may Rodney Hoff pg.128 Four Frolics by Furrer-Tuition pg.70 Take the Weight Out of your Flipping-Unweighting by the Othmar Schneider pg.82 Suggestions: Allow the Slope Be your Book pg.99 Fall Away from a base pg.100 Getting in Dust pg.102 Fingertip Control pg.126 Rod Energy pg.130 Traveler’s Monitors because of the Abby Rand: Leasing a great Condo pg.forty-two Evaluating Ski Few days Deals pg.50 Take a trip: Killington Gondola-Longest Ski City Gondola from the Morten Lund pg.88 Leysin: For the Young and you will Economical by Abby Rand-Take a trip pg.96 Michigan: Tops from inside the Mid-America Camping by Rus Arnold pg.122 Skiing Spunk Gambling: Part II-Reno pg.129 Nub’s Nob:The fresh Totally free Spirit of the Pat Begrow pg.139 Gizmos: How to avoid Goggle Fogging by the Janet Nelson pg.46 Precious jewelry Aweigh by Pat Doran pg.61 Starting Entrance-Mentor picks the fresh new all the-day Greatest Racers from the Bob Beattie pg.39 Pro Race Trip Develops to own ’71 pg.51 “The fresh new Purist” Photos pg.90

February 1971 [DUPE] Beautiful Objects High on the fresh Structure away from Heaven-Reaching Snow Pictures decide to try inside the Zermatt pg.46 Amateurism is actually Dry; A lot of time Alive Amateurism by the Serge Lang and you will Morten Lund-Skiing Racing pg.52 Medication at Ski Components: Your skill? by the Lee Fowler pg.64 Ramrodding the united states Skiing Team-Willy Schaeffler because of the Peter Miller pg.70 St. Patrick Gains a gold pg.94 Knowledge: Uproot That Stalk by Dixi Nohl pg.55 All that Glitters is not Avalement because of the Georges Joubert pg.60 Guidance: Give Pass Such as Headlights pg.72 Skiing The newest “J” Turn pg.74 Establish Knee Step pg.76 Unweighting during the Shocks pg.78 Simple tips to Hang on Freeze pg.80 Traveler’s Inspections by the Abby Rand: Pamphlet Training (Advanced) pg.20 Personally i think a skiing Journey Coming on pg.23 Indianhead by the Janet Nelson-Traveling pg.98 Sugarbush’s Castlerock because of the Claire Walter pg.104 Regarding the Carrying out Entrance-As to why N. Western women fare better than just boys from inside the business Ski Rushing of the Nancy Greene pg.24 NASTAR Schedule ’71 pg.97

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