Your signs are sextile, or in signs that are sextile

Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: When it’s Venus-Venus, Moon-Moon, Sun-Sun, etc., the chemistry is not as powerful, but the sense of recognition is certainly present. In some cases, these two may be too alike.

Light Purple. The theme for this combination is ease. You are comfortable with one another, and you make each other feel good. The attraction in this case is not all-consuming or instantaneous. This could be the case where the two of you grow onto each other. Your inherent compatibility becomes apparent the more you interact with each other.

Sometimes the bond is purely platonic, and whether it grows into something more depends on the combination of other planets. Given time, you truly begin to appreciate each other. This gently evolving quality bestows both of you with a feeling that this partnership is going somewhere, albeit in a gradual, step-by-step manner.

Yin-Yang combinations: An easy attraction between you is present. Neither of you may be pressed to go forward with a relationship right away, but the more you interact, the more you appreciate how easily you relate to one another.

Yin-Yin and Yang-Yang combinations: The attraction is not insistent. Instead, you feel comfortable with one another. These aspects don’t promise chemistry, but when other indications suggest chemistry exists, these aspects aid in keeping you together harmoniously.

If other, more insistent energies got you together anyhow, you may develop an interesting friendship, but one that can involve frequent adjustments because you don’t really “get” each other’s styles–or needs–in love

Pink. Your love signs are in opposition, or in signs that are opposite. This combination can bring about tremendous fascination! Sometimes, the relationship begins with a distinct dislike of each other. Or, the initial reaction is strong but somehow disturbing! The feelings are never lukewarm, and they can go either way. Many times, they go to both extremes at the very same time! In other words, a love-hate relationship is possible.

Your love signs are semi-sextile, or in signs that are semi-sextile to each other (side-by-side)

The truth is, the two of you have much to learn from each other, if only you don’t waste your energies defending your positions to each other at every turn! The trick is to appreciate your distinct differences in both love styles and love needs, and find ways to complement each other (complimenting may work wonders, too!). Magnetism is the key word with any parship mobile site combination.

Yin-Yang combinations: The chemistry is very real and palpable with these combinations. You are more inclined to take up the challenge of this relationship, probably because sexual chemistry is present, in spades.

Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: Although intrigued, these combinations are not as sexually magnetic as yin-yang combos, so the motivation to make things work might not be as strong.

Beige. You might pass each other by, simply because there doesn’t appear to be a real connection here, or a starting point. If there is an attraction, it’s an odd fascination with each other, and neither of you will easily make the first move. The energy is much like a scenario in which two people who don’t know each other well are left alone for a few minutes, and there is an air of awkwardness. Where do you begin? What to say? If not, the interest might be in place, but opportunities to make a connection seem to pass you by.

No matter what the combination of planets involved, you could most certainly learn a lot from each other, if given the chance. This is because your planets are in signs that are side-by-side. The person with the earlier sign in the combination (for example, if Aries and Taurus are involved, the earlier sign is Aries) senses that the partner’s style in love is where they are going. The person with the later sign senses that the partner’s style of love is where they were coming from. These feelings are subtle.

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